Building strong relationships with our customers encourages them to come back to us. From a financial perspective, we know that keeping customers is far less expensive than acquiring new ones – a path that requires marketing, sales and ramp-up costs. And we know that sat... Read more

A survey of mobile phone usage in Ghana and four other African countries has delivered startling findings on the rise of Internet access via phones, the potential demise of Nokia and the continued appeal of BlackBerry.

The Mobile Africa 2015 study, conducted by mobile surveying company... Read more

For some context, I grew up in a retail store where we would have 100s, and eventually 1000s, of people come through the store every day and buy product. Transaction after transaction, I heard the phrase “the customer is always right.” I also heard it on the news and television and wh... Read more

What is Kikuu?

Kikuu is an online shopping application that links Ghanaian consumers to a wide range of products in China. Delivery and shipping are free. You only pay the amount you see on the APP which are relatively cheaper to all local and foreign platforms. It take... Read more