About Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is a home for nature lovers. Trained guides are on hand to explain the economic, cultural, and medicinal values of plants and farming. Fifteen kilometers from Cape Coast is the serene, golden beach of Brenu Akyinim, a 3-kilometer stretch of sandy beach which provides an excellent site for swimming, sun bathing, and bird watching.

Kakum National Park Reviews


3 people Reviewed Kakum National Park

Once you are on it, you can never go back (Canopy walk way) February 22, 2017
by maddy

It´s kinda exciting because it´s very high and if you look down you can see animals. But many people are afraid, because they think it´s not well-fixed. People were even crying. So a no-go if you are afraid of heights.

Atemberaubend February 18, 2017
by Jaron-Alexander Acquah

Ich interessiere mich schon generell fuer Nationalparks aber Kakum hat mit seinem Canopy walkway die Messlatte gesprengt.

The best of my visit in Ghana February 18, 2017
by Leemuel Acquah

Normalerweise mag ich solche National Parks nicht so, aber Kakum ist mal etwas ganz anders. Mit den ganzen haenge Bruecken hatte man einen schoenen Ueberblick von einer hoehe von ueber 80m, es hat sich so angefuehlt als wuerde man fliegen. Ich kann es nur weiter empfehlen.

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